Musical notes
Camera lenses
  • Audio equipment


    Trilix Studio has sound engineers on staff who are ready to assist in your creative process as you produce, record, mix and master your next album. You can construct a song on our 1918 Steinway grand; create a unique sound with our vintage mics, amps and Mara Machine 2-inch tape deck; or keep it all digital in your next session. Then, sit back and enjoy the final output through our Genelec®-powered, 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos® system. The sweet spot is amazing.

  • Video equipment


    Our video production team is always getting the most out of every shoot and edit. We enjoy storytelling and every facet of the creative process delivering projects that stand on their own. We are ready to hit the road for any project you have but are just as excited about building and lighting a killer set in our soundstage or crafting a fully animated piece. Need a music video? We’re here. Great video + great music = a cool project. Check out some of our work.

  • Facility concept


    Trilix Studio is a 3,400-square-foot premiere destination for all things audio and video. The core of the studio is our Dolby Atmos control room, flanked by studio A and B for multitrack sessions. Across the hall is our soundstage, ready for a full band performance or a brilliantly lit video session. Rounding out the space is our editing room and a lounge up front. You can rent only the spaces you need or the whole studio if you are ready to collaborate and knock out the next greatest project.