Equipped to serve musicians and marketing clients alike.

We were born out of a passion for music, the love of storytelling and the desire to help fill the need for a premier studio in the Midwest.

Designed by the acoustical thought leaders at Russ Berger Design Group and outfitted with the latest equipment from the experts at Sweetwater, the facility is on par with great studios in major music cities across the country. Every material selection, wall angle and dimension, layout, and amenity were selected for one purpose — allowing you to achieve the most refined sound experience you can create.

Russ Berger Design Group

Russ and his team of acoustical thought leaders create ideal environments for the intended audio purpose that are acoustically optimized for enhanced sound quality.

All Pro Integrated Systems

All Pro works so everything works together creating an immersive experience. They set themselves apart with meticulous attention to detail and a seamless integration.

Crescent Building
Crescent Building

We might be off the proverbial beaten path.

But we are right on the crossroads of the Midwest with I-80 and I-35 running through the state. Not to mention, Des Moines has many things to offer as a host city for your next big project. The studio is conveniently located near several restaurants and bars and a couple of blocks from additional restaurants, bars and shopping along Ingersoll Ave. A renowned sculpture park is just a few minutes’ walk to the east if you need a break and would like to spend some time in the sun.

We are tucked along the west side of downtown, just far enough out to be in a quiet neighborhood but close enough to be a couple of minutes away from all the nightlife and hotels. Additionally, the surrounding communities have plenty to offer if you are looking to explore beyond downtown.

We look forward to working with you.